Helena Jaksic


We can make this quick.

And we can make this easy.

Just so you know

It's gonna be sleazy.

Sexual delinquent

`Tis what I am.

I do these things

Because I can.

I love to entice

Seduce and shock

And see how the boys

Around me flock.

Who shall I be?

Who shall I choose?

Which fine young man

To be my muse?

I like them pretty.

I like them rough.

Quite frankly

I can't get enough.

June 2004



I thought it would be easy

I thought it would be fun

Now I'm begining to wonder

What the fuck have I done!?

"Bring on the good stuff!"

I hollered outside

Expecting to go

On one hell of a ride.

"Yes I'm ready for it all"

And I truly thought I was

Never expecting

Life's double cross.

Asking for love

I got pain pain PAIN

Whilst searching for pleasure

Drove me insane.

But I've stopped expecting

My path's an easy ride.

I am so blessed for feeling

Alive alive ALIVE

April 2004


Like a snake she needs a charmer

To wake her from her lull.

The charmer must entice her.

Nothing about him can be dull.

Once her spirit is awakened

Heíll get locked inside her trance

Be utterly seduced

Through her hypnotic dance.

Then she calls upon her spirits

To come and set her free

Sprinkling magic in the air

"O come and play with me."

Then as she prowls she rises

Like a feral cat

Sniffing around in darkness

For the best attack.

Where has she gone,this creature

Who lived inside my veins?

Dormant, she's still there waiting

To come alive again.

June 2004


I need some help

I've lost my way.

Don't know what to do

Don't know what to say.

These choices before me

All seem bleak.

None of them reaching

The depths I seek

I'm not sure what it is

That life must show me

To make me see light

To make me feel free

I see no way forward.

I see no way out.

I'm trapped in this feeling

And too scared to shout

A heavy burden weighs down my soul

I've left something crucial behind.

I keep scouring the depths of my past

Iím losing faith in my mind.

What used to give me solace

What used to be fun

Now has the feel

Of a doom laden drum.

I need something different

But I don't know what?

I keep listening to fear

Which I know I must stop.

Do I know anything else

but fear clutching my heart?

Got to start a brand new journey.

Need a Divine kick start.

Give me the strength

Make me feel whole.

Send me an angel

To carry my soul.

September 2004


I was blind

You gave me vision.

I was deaf

But nowÖ

I listen.

Paralysed and numb

You taught me how to feel.

Inside despair you gave me hope

So that I could heal.

O kind, beautiful, graceful world

Vibrating through my body whole

Your energy fills my grateful soul

Beyond all doubt, this is home.

May 2004


Is it true?

Could I be dreaming?

Is the world

Really gleaming?

Dare I step out

Into this light?

Or will eternity

Be too bright?

It's clear fear is baggage

I've got to shed.

It weighs me down

Like loads of lead.

The winds of change

Have crossed my path

Iím graced again

I again can laugh

I'm opening the door

To a life that's true.

Fearís left its scars.

I've paid my dues.

September 2004