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Finding myself out of harmony with all I hear or have read for a very long time, I asked my self the obvious question---'what is power?'

Is it the ability to subjugate another to one's own imagination?

Obviously 'will'...'desire' and 'instinct' are linked.

I—using my imagination---will that my desire be satisfied.

And if in some way my desire be thwarted...I will use some sort of force to accomplish my desire.

Of course all the many different predators employ the so called 'natural world'. That force is often called 'instinct'.

What about the power of the impersonal to force its agendas onto the vulnerable individual?

Even so, the impersonal is operated by people.

People who have no real sense of what it means to be a developing human being. A developing soul.

The situation inside the human whirld today is so insane that there are very few sane individuals who are capable of seeing what is going on.

But it is equally mad of me talking to no one in a desert---not made of sand---but made of trillions of lies!

And there's the rub!

In order to write...I have to imagine it's worth doing. And very few people realise how the mind and imagination are one and the same.

The power of imagination is not the same as pretending.

Now, is the meaning of meaning---merely imagined?

Or is the meaning of meaning---a reality prior to ALL linguistic meanings?

You see, I'm trying to imagine how what is---is?

That sentence depends on sequencing.

This is true of all sentences.

Is meaning dependent on sequencing?

No! The ontological meaning of meaning---is prior to ALL forms of sequencing.

And therefor prior to all expressions of memory.


Are the majority of people stupid?

If, in fact, they are stupid---are they lovable?

What is the major factor which is responsible for most people being stupid?

It is an inability to move outside of one's own attitude.

Therefor an inability to meet anything or anyone, any text or any talking from a condition of innocent freshness.

Most stupid people don't have any insight into how they operate. They are self-blind.

All attitudes blind!

To attempt to see existence through one's tantamount the same as trying to see existence through one's attitude. Therefor not seeing at all!

So I now ask---am I stupid?

If I know that a group of people---are slaves of the content spilling out from their over-stuffed minds---how can they possibly digest what I am transmitting?

They can't, and therefor I am extremely stupid to expect anyone who is a slave to their own attitude or even to the attitude of others... to be able to digest what I am trying to transmit.

This is a very large cumbersome beam in my own eye.

Whatever did I imagine Jesus meant by 'Let the blind lead the blind."

Obviously I didn't think that this advice applied to me.

I am therefor one of the blind.

And what have I been trying to transmit?

That we are trained to take existence for granted.


The issue has become this:--As the population of The Earth allows itself to become robot-eyesd...there is no option for me but to grieve for the passing away of a true, loving...intelligent humanity.


To really has to be wary of the temptation to imagine that the situation causing one to grieve---is unfair.

Fair...or irrelevant to grieving.

I'm sure that if Jesus had said to Pontius Pilate-"Crucifying me is very un-fair", it would have been recorded.

So I must grieve within this desert---rather than trying to teach those who have no passion to learn.






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